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About Fishbone Charters

A note from Todd Kingery, Owner and Chief Guide. Fishing has been a passion for as long as I can remember. It gives me time to interact with nature, relax and most important have fun. Nature has been touched by the hand of God, and when we involve ourselves in something so close to something so special, our minds are opened up and our souls expanded. I've never met a person who could fish and worry at the same time. Life in a city can close off parts of us that only immersing ourselves in nature for a time can overcome. I strongly believe that interaction with nature is an important part of who we are. Come fishing with me and that part of you will be opened up making you feel much more complete and happy.

Tools for the job

Every good angler knows that it is not the tool, but the person using it that really matters. Knowledge and experience will catch you more fish than all of the newest fandangled fishing lures, contraptions, flies, and gizmos put together. That having been said, the right tool in the hands of the right person can be a beautiful thing.

Fishbone Charters is proud to be supported by the following manufacturer's:

Talkeetna Travel is the hub for lodging and recreation including jet boat rides, guided fishing, hiking and outdoor opportunities in the Talkeetna area.
Boats worthy of Alaskan rivers. Alaska isn't a place where you shoudl wonder about your boat's capabilities or worthiness. That is why we choose North River.
Tried, true, consistent quality and performance. To to pit off, Loomis has the best customer service policies in the industry and we can count on them from start to finish.
The blue ribbon standard for fly reels.
High performance hardware for salmon and steelhead. Rvrfshr products are designed and used by fisherman who know what it takes to catch consistently catch trophy fish under in any conditions. The finest spinners and spoons made, bar none.
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